2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers

On the hunt for the best gifts for travel lovers in your life?

You know, besides a plane ticket and an all-expenses-paid trip to a five-star lodge in Kruger National Park?

While travellers have a reputation for being difficult to shop for, it's easier than you think. 

In this holiday gift guide for travellers we're giving you a sneak peek into the practical, yet cool wish list of globetrotters.

So stop your Google quest, pour yourself a glass of Pinot and peruse this round up of travel gifts!


Travel Wallet

Is the traveller in your life a wee bit scatterbrained? Are stories of lost passports and misplaced boarding passes a common thing?

Gift the globe wanderer in your life a travel wallet and help them hold their sanity (and yours) together. 

Travel wallets have a bunch of pockets for:

  • Smartphones
  • Cards
  • Sim cards/memory cards
  • Boarding passes and other documents

It's the ultimate practical (and affordable) gift for making sure nothing gets lost.


Carry-on Suitcase with Laptop Pocket

You know what all travellers HATE?

Getting to the security checkpoint and having to unpack their bags to pull out laptops and other devices.

And packing everything back when you make it to the other side? A massive time sucker.

Give them the gift on convenience and practicality this holiday season with a carry-on bag that comes with a front-loading laptop pocket.

Without a doubt, you'll be their favourite person for the next 12-months.

 carry-on suitcase

Passport Holder

Odds are if your travel bug is on the move for work or leisure, their passport is their most prized possession.

Help them keep it save with a stylish passport cover!

It's one of the simplest, yet best travel gifts you can buy. Not only is thoughtful and something everyone needs, but it's highly affordable.

So be a hero this holiday season and gift one! Without a doubt, it will be appreciated, and it's small enough to be an excellent stocking stuffer.

 passport holder

Weekend Duffel Bag

Want all the brownie points?

Gift a weekend duffel travel bag!

It's the perfect companion on bush flights to remote luxury lodges, scenic road trips around the country or overnight adventures.

Plus, it fits on top of carry-on suitcases, making your traveller's life so much easier as they whiz through airports across the world.

 duffel travel bag

Phone Wallet

When you're exploring a city like Rome and Paris, pickpockets are a major problem.

phone wallet is a wonderful gift to keep sticky fingers away from your traveller's prized possessions.

Plus, with all the essentials in one convenient place, they no longer have to rifle through a bag to find a memory card, money or their phone.


Travel Doggo Bed

Does the traveller in your life never leave home without their canine adventure buddy?

Gift them a travel doggo bed! It's something both of them will love!

The beds are lightweight, durable and fold up into an easy to carry bag. 

It won't take up much space in the car and will give the travelling pup somewhere comfy to sit no matter the roads will take them.

 travel dog bed

Gift Wrapping

Once you've made your selection, add gift wrapping to your basket and tick one more thing off your festive to-do list!

Which travel gift are you going to put under the tree this holiday season?





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