Get Your Guide To The Perfect Gift For Travellers

Get Your Guide To The Perfect Gift For Travellers

We've collected all of our gift guides in one place to make it easier for you to send the perfect present to your favourite adventurer. Scroll down to see our picks for gifts for adventure enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to spend less than 500 bucks or more, we've got the best present for your sister, uncle, co-worker, mother-in-law, or friend who spent all of the last year traveling.

Double Pouch Crossbody

Full Grain Leather Crossbody Made In South Africa
Don’t let them carry their phone around their hands or pockets—especially while traveling, where they might risk dropping it or have it take an independent walk. Help them keep their phone safe by giving them a premium full grain leather double pouch crossbody, that will hold their phone securely across their bodies.

Conquest Travel Wallet

LEather Travel Wallet Made in South Africa
We love the idea of gifting travelers, the full grain leather conquest travel wallets that can also hold a few credit cards, mobile phone and cash. It’s easy to grab when you need something, and it keeps everything in one place, so you don’t have to shuffle.

"Dear Deer" Satin Pillow Slip

Escape Society Gift Guide Satin Pillow
When we’re traveling, we expose ourselves to the drier air on a plane and to weather conditions our skin might not be used to. A hotel's laundry detergent can be abrasive to sensitive skin, and in a short-term rental, there's no guarantee that the linens have been properly laundered. It's nice to bring your own pillowcase for your own peace of mind.

Lightweight Loungewear Poncho

Loungewear Lightweight Sweat Poncho
They won't have to worry about sitting in itchy fabric with this relaxed, lightweight, and breathable Escape Society Poncho. It's fit for lounging, sightseeing, or the chill days on vacation that only involve rest.

Escape Society Vintage Framed Sunnies 

Vintage Hexagon Lens With Metal Frame
You should be confident that your giftee will have the protection that they need from the sun with these Escape Society Sunglasses. These are perfect for frequent travellers, no matter the season or climate.

Full Grain Leather Journal

Full GRAIN Leather Barton Journal
Gift a traveler with a  Barton Leather Journal to write down their travel goals and jot down memories from their favourite trips, and it immediately will stir up feelings of wanderlust. Personal Reflection Cards that come with this journal allow the traveler to explore thoughtful questions.

Drifter Tan Leather Tote

Drifter Tan FULL GRAIN Leather Tote
A perfect gift for the traveler on your list, this weekend travel tote combines durability, functionality, and style. The full grain leather exterior lends a touch of elegance, while the nylon twill lining ensures that your cargo stays pristine. This leather travel bag will travel with you through all of your weekend trips and beyond. The good news: it always fits and makes a style statement.

Full Grain Leather Passport Wallet 

FULL GRAIN LEATHER Passport holder
When you travel a lot, your passport seemingly falls apart. That's why we love this simple leather passport wallet. It provides the perfect amount of protection, without being bulky.
The wallet also holds credit cards, boarding passes, SIM cards, and extra cash. Your passport should remain in good condition while you’re traveling so you avoid immigration problems due to damaged travel documents.

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